9.1 Priority of Mortgages.
Notwithstanding all other provisions hereof, the liens created under this Declaration upon any Lot for assessments shall be subject to tax liens on the Lot in favor of any assessing unit and/or special district and be subject to the rights of the secured party in the case of any indebtedness secured by first lien Mortgages which were made in good faith and for value upon the Lot.  Where the Mortgagee of a Lot, or other purchaser of a Lot, obtains possession of a Lot as a result of Mortgage foreclosure or deed in lieu thereof, such possessor and his successors and assigns, shall not be liable for the share of any assessment by the Association chargeable to such Lot which becomes due prior to such possession, but will be liable for any assessment accruing after such possession.  Such unpaid share of common expenses or assessments shall be deemed to be common expenses collectible from all of the Lot Owners including such possessor, his successor and assigns.  For the purpose of this section, the terms “mortgage” and “mortgagee” shall not mean a real estate contract or the vendor, or the designee of a vendor thereunder, or a mortgage or deed of trust (or mortgagee or beneficiary thereunder) securing a deferred purchase price balance owed with respect to a sale by an individual Lot Owner other than Declarant.
9.2 Effect of Declaration Amendments.
No amendment of this Declaration shall be effective to modify, change, limit or alter the rights expressly conferred upon Mortgagees in this instrument with respect to any unsatisfied mortgage duly recorded unless the amendment shall be consented to in writing by the holder of such mortgage.  Any provision of this Article conferring rights upon Mortgagees which is inconsistent with any other provision of this Declaration shall control over such other inconsistent provisions.
9.3 Right of Lien Holder.
A breach of any of the provisions, conditions, restrictions, covenants, easements or reservations herein contained shall not affect or impair the lien or charge of any bona fide Mortgage made in good faith and for value on any Lots; provided, however, that any subsequent Owner of the Lot shall be bound by these provisions whether such Owner’s title was acquired by foreclosure or trustee’s sale or otherwise.
9.4 Change in Manner of Architectural Review and Maintenance Within Project; Insurance and Use of Proceeds
The Association shall not, without prior written approval of seventy-five percent (75%) of all first Mortgagees (based upon one vote for each first Mortgage owned) or Owners (other than the sponsor, developer or builder) of record by act or omission change, waive or abandon any scheme of regulations, or enforcement thereof, pertaining to the architectural design or the exterior appearance of Homes, the driveways, or the upkeep of lawns and plantings in the development, including the provisions of Articles 4 and 5 hereof.
9.5 Copies of Notices.
If the first Mortgagee of any Lot has so requested the Association in writing, the Association shall give written notice to such first Mortgagee that an Owner/mortgagor of a Lot has for more that sixty (60) days failed to meet any obligation under this Declaration.  Any first Mortgagee shall, upon written request, also be entitled to receive written notice of all meetings of the Association and be permitted to designate a representative to attend all such meeting.
9.6 Furnishing of Documents.
The Association shall make available to prospective purchasers, Mortgagees, insurers, and guarantors, at their request, current copies of the Declaration, Bylaws, and other rules governing the Project, and the most recent balance sheet and income/expense statement for the Association, if any has been prepared.